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We are specialized in exquisite cork and wooden women high heels - shoes with plateau and platform.

You find clogs, wooden clogs, candies styles, mules, sabot and sandals for ladies.

On the zoccoli online webshop in germany and in our web shop- boutique we have sexy spike stiletto women shoes in the style of the 70's.

In our erotic, fetish, shoe - collection you find cork heels and wooden heels like cork mules, wooden sliders, cork sandals and wood sandals with and without nails.

Also we have stiletto pumps and boots with wedges and clear - transparent acrylic shoes.

Most shoes are made in Italy, Spain or in the US. Wedges mules and wedges sandals are made in USA. Our high heels shipment goes only to europe, usa and germany. Ordering only by internet and with ssl standard.

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